USC Marshall Offering New Online MLS Degree

USC is attempting to better meet the demands of the leadership landscape that is faced by the librarians of today, so it is coming out with a brand new online MLS degree program in library and information science (MMLIS) that is going to start in May.

This new master’s program in library science was put together by the USC Libraries, in partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business. It is one of the first programs in the US in librarianship that is going to be affiliated with a top business school.

It is going to offer both synchronous and asynchronous learning in an online, media environment. It will ready students to join the global community of library professionals. You will be ready to come into top leadership positions in many settings, including academic, corporate and government, as well as nonprofit. Most students will be able to complete this program in about two years.

The USC Library has worked closely with USC Marshall to come up with a very unique program that will address both the challenges that face the profession, and that will grow more urgent and more complex for libraries and library leaders.

USC Marshall has stated that it is pleased to be working with the USC Library system to assist librarians in getting ready for more leadership roles in an area that is changing quickly. It is important to maximize local community efforts in the face of budget cuts and limited resources, so that we can better address needs in the global industry to effectively manage digital information and improve the quality of education.

Unlike many mostly online programs, this one does not require that new students go to the campus for any orientation or any other work. There is an online orientation that is required, and there are some face to face sessions included but those are optional. Each class does have some synchronous aspects, so the student and the teacher will interact at some points in real time. The program will be offered in a cohort model at first. Each semester, a group of online students will move through the graduate program together and graduate as one class.

Ken Haycock is professor emeritus and is the former director of the San Jose State School of Library and Information Science. He has been named the new director of graduate programs in library and information management.

Haycock is a current professor of research of organization and management at USC Marshall. He is a long time information science and library educator. He first developed a global online master’s in library science at San Jose State. This program is now used by 2000 students in 15 different countries. He also has put together graduate programs at the University of British Columbia, and he is still there as an emeritus faculty member.

The new Master of Management in Library and Information Science is designed to prepare you with the practical leadership skills that you need to manage libraries and information centers in universities and colleges, and government organizations in the modern digital world. It is different from many programs in that it focuses on leadership skills, management and library and information sciences. Every course is taught with real world focus and teamwork, with a great deal of faculty support and guidance. This innovative approach  helps to encourage both critical and creative thinking, and also will help you to develop the skills that you need to work in many types of academic and public libraries, and also other types of institutions of learning.

This program can also be augmented by taking some of these highly informative, free online courses  for librarians.


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